Rediscovering the Ceiling at Somerville Borough Hall

HMR is currently working on construction documents for the restoration of the stair hall at Somerville Borough Hall, a gothic revival building originally constructed in 1888 as a residence for Daniel Robert.

ImageCurrent image of the second floor stair hall showing the dropped ceiling installed after a fire in 1980.

ImageView of the space above the dropped ceiling showing existing plaster busts and chamfered beams.

ImageClose-up of one of the plaster busts.  There are four different figures.

ImageManipulated image highlighting the historic stencil showing through the black soot from the fire.

ImagePhoto of the Elks, who acquired the building in 1923, showing a stencil above the wainscoting in the first floor hall.

ImageExposure window, installed by Chris Frey of Keystone Preservation, showing two generations of stenciling at the wainscoting.  The one on the left is the original stencil. On the right, the stencil is the one clearly shown in the Elks photo.  This stencil is contemporaneous with the stencil shown to the right of the plaster bust.

Click to view the SOMERVILLE BOROUGH HALL & FREE PUBLIC LIBRARY: A HISTORY & TOUR OF THE ’COUNTY’S HANDSOMEST HOUSE’ from the Borough of Somerville’s municipal website.


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