HMR Tours Morris County Projects

Recently, the HMR team took a field trip to some of our Morris County projects to review past, present and future progress.

Stay tuned to future posts for project updates.

IMG_0654 - Copy

The HMR team on the porch of the J. Smith Richardson House in Mount Tabor.

Founded as a summer religious retreat, Mount Tabor was a Methodist Camp Meeting – a movement of outdoor faith revival services, beginning in the aftermath of the Civil War. The establishment of this community was the result of the 1866 National Centenary Conference in Washington D.C., during which the 100th Anniversary of American Methodism was the celebrated event. The New Jersey delegation launched a ten-day tent revival modeled after Wesleyan Grove in Martha’s Vineyard (first in August 1866), on rented land near Speedwell Lake in Morristown. The success of the venture resulted in the purchase of 30.5 acres of land in October 1868 from W.H. and Nathaniel Dickerson, and the first revival took place on the site during the summer of 1869. Today, the community is a mix of early cottages retaining much of their historic character, as well as some cottages that have been added to and changed extensively over the years. HMR recently completed a Preservation Plan for the J. Smith Richardson House and a Preservation Master Plan and National Register Nomination for the Mount Tabor Historic District.  Visit the Mount Tabor Historical Society website here.

IMG_2611 - Copy

The Stickley Museum at Craftsman Farms – Morris Plains, New Jersey

In the past several years, HMR has completed the restoration of the master bedroom and bathroom, structural stabilization of the the main log bearing wall between the kitchen and dining room and we are currently finishing up the installation of a fire protection sprinkler system in the house.  This photo shows a corner of the living room with the sprinkler installed. The Craftsman Farms estate was the home of Gustav Stickley in the early 20th century, where he created a working farm and furniture crafting workshop. Read more about the Stickley Museum here.


Bowlsby – DeGelleke House, Parsippany

In 2010 HMR completed the exterior restoration of the house and we are currently finishing the punch list on the interior restoration. The House was built by the Bowlsby family at the end of the eighteenth century as part of a 200-acre farm. The Historical Society of Parsippany plans to use the space as a repository to house its archives and as a museum to interpret its history.


Willow Hall – Morristown, New Jersey

HMR recently completed construction documents for the replacement of the slate roof and repair of the eaves, which were damaged during hurricane Sandy. Located on a hill adjacent to Speedwell Lake, Willow Hall was built by George Vail of Speedwell Ironworks in 1848 and remained a private residence until 2009. It retains a significant amount of original fabric. It is currently owned by the Passaic River Coalition which works to protect the Passaic River watershed. The historic house is used for their offices,  as well as a house museum open to visitors. Find out more about Willow Hall on their blog here.

HMR Trip

The Morristown & Morris Township Library – Morristown, New Jersey

In 2012, HMR completed the interior restoration and rehabilitation of the original 1917 wing of the library.  This image shows the new Reference Desk in front of the library’s original entrance on Miller Road.  The exterior masonry restoration of the 1917 and 1930 sections of the library is ongoing, with completion scheduled for the beginning of this summer. Be sure to check back for updates! Visit the Library’s website here.

IMG_3341Ralston Cider Mill – Mendham Township, New Jersey

We are currently working on an update to the preservation plan for the mill, which includes as-built drawings for prior restoration efforts. The Ralson Cider Mill is currently listed on the State and National Registers of Historic Places. It has been remarkably preserved over the years, and serves as a museum that hosts an actual cider press event in the fall of each year. Find out more about the Ralston Cider Mill museum and the classes and other events they offer here.


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