St. George and the Dragon: The Rooftop Battle

On the rooftop of the Loew’s Jersey Theatre back in May 2001, a fiery battle was to take place again; not literally of course. The 72-year old copper and bronze figures of Saint George and the dragon were being put back in their rightful place after being repaired by David Morgan at the Antique clock gallery in Lebanon, NJ. These two figures brightened up the scene at Journal Square atop the Seth Thomas Clock from the late 20’s to the 50’s or early 60’s. The movements of both figures made it seem like there was a real battle taking place over the movie theater. While the dragon was opening and closings its jaws, St. George would thrust out his weapon to defeat the beast. His victory was then celebrated by the tolling bells of the Thomas clock. Unfortunately, the clock and two figures are not in function at this time but are in good condition.

While the two figures were going through repairs, the Ornate Terra Cotta clock Tower that surrounded them also went through major reconstruction. A new structural system was designed and new anchoring details were developed for re-installation of the original terra cotta. In the pictures below, you can see the theatre in its earlier years as well as the pre and post restoration on top the building.

Some information taken from NY Times Article, “St. George and Dragon to Fight Again, 2001.”

#flashbackfriday #LoewsTheatre #JerseyCity #HistoricPreservation



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